Fusion Festival Set online & Gargamel EP [Monaberry]

Thanks for all the energy and love during those wild hours. We feel blessed.

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Super Flu – Gargamel (Monaberry)


E/ Here’s what you get when you spend your money for a Super Flu release on Monaberry.

We’re proud of the way we make releases. By the time we’re through putting together an EP, 190 hands have inspected and handled the tracks. Any one of those hands can reject the songs if they’re not up to Monaberry quality. Keep that in mind as you hear the following music.
Super Flu deliver the best 100% dancefloor tunes in the business. They have to be tough enough to withstand 120 decibel of pressure at a single point. That way, we’re sure you’re getting the strongest music.
The drums of Gargamel are bonded by hand. That helps to make the tunes more comfortable for your dancing shoes. What*s more, Humbled K has a fully cushioned synth line for extra comfort. All the hi hats are duoble or triple stitched by machine. The top of each file is box stitched so that it can’t open. Period. But it’s the finishing touches that really count. All the basses are waxed by hand to keep the weather out.
After a meticulous final inspection by Feliks and Mathias we have the Gargamel EP. We think they*re the best tracks made. That’s why we don’t mind asking you to spend your money for them.

D/ Das bekommen Sie, wenn Sie Ihr Geld für eine Super Flu-Veröffentlichung auf Monaberry ausgeben.

Wir sind stolz auf die Art und Weise, wie wir Veröffentlichungen machen. Wenn wir mit der Zusammenstellung einer EP fertig sind, haben 190 Hände die Tracks inspiziert und bearbeitet. Jede dieser Hände kann die Songs ablehnen, wenn sie nicht der Monaberry-Qualität entsprechen. Behalten Sie das im Hinterkopf, wenn Sie die folgende Musik hören.
Super Flu liefern die besten 100%igen Dancefloor-Tunes in der Branche. Sie müssen hart genug sein, um 120 Dezibel Druck an einem einzigen Punkt auszuhalten. Auf diese Weise sind wir sicher, dass du die stärkste Musik bekommst.
Die Trommeln von Gargamel werden von Hand geklebt. Das trägt dazu bei, dass die Melodien bequemer für deine Tanzschuhe sind. Darüber hinaus hat Humbled K eine vollständig gepolsterte Synth-Line für zusätzlichen Komfort. Alle Hi-Hats sind zwei- oder dreifach maschinell genäht. Die Oberseite jeder Datei ist kastenförmig genäht, damit sie sich nicht öffnen kann. Punkt. Aber es sind die letzten Handgriffe, die wirklich zählen. Alle Bässe werden von Hand gewachst, um sie vor Witterungseinflüssen zu schützen.
Nach einer akribischen Endkontrolle durch Feliks und Mathias haben wir die Gargamel EP. Wir finden, das sind die besten Tracks, die gemacht wurden. Deshalb macht es uns auch nichts aus, euch zu bitten, euer Geld dafür auszugeben.

Viktor Talking Machine & Super Flu – All da Ravers (Monaberry)


Over 9.000.000 people will sink their hard-earned money into new music this year. If you’re one of them, you may soon find your money sinking beyond reach. Since the average DJ gets rid of his music after 32 days, your Monaberry release will probably survive just long enough to become a number one hit for 2 years. So if you always seem to be running out of money, maybe it’s because you’re always running out of Monaberry releases.

All Da Ravers can change all that. Super Flu and Viktor Talking Machine teamed do give you a long lasting release. We won’t undermine your investment by making it obsolete in the future. (The only significant difference between the last releases and this, for example, is a massive Chinaski remix.) So you won’t mind holding on to it for several years. You shouldn’t have much trouble doing it, either. 9 out of every 10 Monaberry releases in the last eleven years are still in the top ten.

And while we can’t guarantee a new Monaberry will last that long, three years from now you should find yourself keeping the money you’d normally spend for new tracks.

After 3 years, you’ll begin to notice a dramatic rise in your standard of living. You’ll have saved 36 monthly music payments. Thats enough for you and your family to vacation in Europe.

For further information on the release that makes them possibe, consult your Monaberry dealer.

AEYEM feat. LAKYN – Reach The Water (Super Flu Remix)


Our „Reach The Water“ remix for Aeyem ft. Lakyn is out now.

SUPER FLU UND EIN ORCHESTER / Donnerstag 14.07.2022 / 20 Uhr Pferderennbahn Halle


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Reza Safinia ‚Funkbible‘ (Super Flu Re-Interpretation)


After an eventful year including standout live sets for Robot Heart at the Renegade Burn and the recent live performance stream for Mixmag, Reza Safinia officially launches his Music and Texture Imprint with a stellar release in collaboration with German heavyweight producers, Super Flu.

The result is Super Flu’s re-interpretation of Reza’s astral synth funk track, „Funkbible“. The founders of the Monaberry label, have a decade of experience of remixing and collaborating with the likes of Oliver Koletzki and Solomun not to mention creating numerous of their own dance classics, for labels such as Dynamic, Watergate and Crosstown Rebels, and they have truly pulled out all the stops in this rework of „Funkbible“.

Oliver Koletzki – Copal (Super Flu RMX)



Published earlier this year, Stil vor Talent main operator Oliver Koletzkis ninth studio full-length Made of Wood“ gets the remix treatment courtesy of label staples Super Flu, Fabian Krooss, AFFKT and newcomer Kunterweiß, each of whom add their distinctively vivid and elegant spin to Koletzkis tribal-informed, drum-centric narratives.

First in line, high-profile Halle duo Super Flu takes on the desert caravan groove of Copal with a deluge of sub-heavy gunnery, processed oud, darbukas and incantatory whispers weaving a mist-shrouded tableau of hi-tech shamanic ritualism primed for climactic big-room use. SVT alum Fabian Krooss then tweaks the nostalgia-drenched Picture (feat. Judith Ahrends) into an infinitely sleek, smooth-tongued delight of whirling electronics and enticingly hypnotic pop motifs – perfect for either sunrise or sunset limb-shaking with your loved one. Or a good, healthy cry too.

Back to a hyper dynamic mindset, AFFKTs hi-octane reshape of Made of Cashmere goes straight for the jugular with its paced-up EBM meets electro-rock momentum. A savage groove paves the way and its a no-nonsense thunder of raucous riffs and cosmic arpeggios that awaits for the dance-floor. But are they ready? Going the more intimate path, Kunterweiß rounds it off with a muted downtempo revisit of La Veleta, meshing the slo-blazing suavity of the slap bass with Andean flutes and an enhanced focus on faux-organic textures and envelopes to lose yourself in.

Moscoman & Kadosh feat. Stereo MC’s (Super Flu RMX)


Super Flu – Go Re Nue EP (w/ Johannes Albert RMX) [Monaberry]


Super Flu are former gunslingers who are addicted to music. Randomly they get the chance to challenge Johannes Albert to a duel. But Johannes has his unerring 303 with him. The mysterious dealer Monaberry sells them all an elixir, which guarantees them accuracy and top 10 chart positions. During the duel, all 3 quickly realize that everyone has taken the same elixir. They agree on a common EP and are happy about this fact, because a won duel leads to the fact that one can never go the wrong way with this EP.

Herberts Best XII / VA / Super Flu & Angelov – Diva Halle


Welcome to the Monaberry Family! Your new Herbert’s best is designed
and manufactured to be the finest in its field. The tracks on this various artists have been prepared to provide a simple and understandable guide for your dj set operation and care. Follow Herbert carefully for its maximum performance and your DJ pleasure.

Your VA contains tracks from Super Flu & Angelov, Alex Breitling, Denis Naidanow and Kookmode. Those tracks will help you covering parties of major units such as festivals, dark clubs, etc. Work of this kind requires the attention of a skilled DJ and the use of special tools and equipment. This VA has the facilities, experience and genuine Monaberry parts necessary to properly render this valuable service.

Super Flu und ein Orchester

Zur Zeit, als Feliks und Mathias vom Autoscooter vertrieben in der Welt, als in ihrem Elend unter dem Namen Super Flu sich aufhielten, hüteten sie die Schaafe des Königs von Halle. Feliks und Mathias waren dessen zwei Söhne, die am selben Tag geboren wurden: einen legitimen mit seiner Ehefrau Yamaha und einen Bastard von seiner Favoritin Moog. Da er letztere sehr liebt und sein Versprechen, sie zur Gattin und Sultanin zu machen, nicht erfüllen kann, gibt er ihrem Wunsch nach, die beiden Säuglinge zu vertauschen. Mathias wird offizieller Thronfolger, während Feliks als Bastard aufwächst. Weder Roland noch die Kinder wissen von der Täuschung. Nach vielen Jahren anhaltender Spannung soll mit einem neunen Thronfolger dieser Konflikt beigelegt werden. Da Mathias mögliche Komplikationen vermeiden will, beschließt er, seine Lebenslüge aufzuklären und zusammen mit Feliks das Orchester zu neuen Abenteuern zu begleiten. Lebt glückseelig. Yolo.


UNDERHER – Dark Fantasy (feat. Johanson) (Super Flu Remix) [IAMHER Records]

This is the second single from UNDERHER from his upcoming album ‘909 & Heartbreaks’.
The single features the beautiful voice of Berlin singer Johanson, also includes two remixes from super star duo Super Flu and rising Russian duo Doyeq.


Chart-topping LA duo Haddadi Von Engst return with another hellfire release that includes another A-lister on the remix. ‘Til The End’ is the most epic and memorable melodic techno EP from HVE to date. For this masterpiece, the classically trained production-wizards set a melancholic atmosphere with gorgeous arp work and dramatic loose keys. Dreamy vocals from San Francisco group Phonic Youth perfectly match the mood. The track gains momentum through uplifting melodies and drops that contrast the wistful lyrics to provide a strong sense of perseverance “-‘til the end”.

For the remix, iconic dance music duo Super Flu do the impossible and rework this production into something equally special. Their more playful, twisted, drum-driven version, which sits effortlessly between afro house, latin rhythm, and melodic techno, is ready to tickle and tease the dancefloor into evolving madness. It is so brilliantly distinct yet complementary to HVE’s original mix that the two tracks could be used within the same set and each will provide a unique vibe to the room.

Super Flu – Pancham EP


Leading Australian touring brand Thick As Thieves launch new in-house label as they welcome German duo Super Flu to deliver their ‘Pancham’ EP, accompanied by a remix from rising Australian pairing The Journey.

An influential name down under for the last decade, Melbourne-based event favourites Thick As Thieves continue to lead the way when it comes to the curation of international and local talent within the Australian house and techno scene. Featuring as the country’s premier touring company, bringing names such as Patrick Topping, Claptone, Andhim, ANNA, Rebüke, and Mathew Jonson to name just a few to Australian soil over the past few years, April sees a new string added to the brand’s bow as they launch their new self-titled in-house imprint, continuing their ethos of ‘Raising The Vibration’.

“There’s such creative talent out there pushing the boundaries of sound, and some are bound to get my attention. There needed to be an outlet to introduce those sounds and warm up a few ears prior to taking on these artists at tour level. It’s always a bonus when the dancefloor erupts, and an artist is playing their own track or remix. Sometimes it’s the difference between an average gig and a gig that’s etched into the memory. Here’s a chance for the Thick As Thieves crew to give these artists our best shot at raising the vibration all round.” – Mike Toner, Thick As Thieves

Developed naturally across the past ten years, the label will bring tracks discovered on the dancefloor to a global audience and serve as a home for fresh music from leading international names including Monkey Safari alongside exciting, rising Australian talent such as Not Just Me. Kicking things off, 9th April welcomes the label’s debut release courtesy of leading German duo Super Flu, who step up to deliver their entrancing ‘Pancham’ EP following music via the likes of Dynamic, Crosstown Rebels, and Moon Harbour, backed by a remix from emerging Melbourne-based duo, The Journey.

Title cut ‘Pancham’ showcases the German pairing at their best, combining crisp organic percussion with wavering synths, eerie eastern-influenced melodies and rolling grooves, whilst ‘Nicotine’ weaves off-kilter leads atop of wandering stabs, sharp drum licks and snaking low-ends to showcase two original cuts packed full of quality. Rounding out proceedings, rising Melbourne pairing Jacob Malmo and Tom Evans, aka The Journey, up the energy and introduce pulsating bass patterns, vocal chants and hair-raising builds throughout their interpretation of ‘Nicotine’ – shaping up a slick label debut from one of Australia’s most important players within the house and techno landscape.

Super Flu ‘Pancham’ EP drops via Thick As Thieves on 9th April 2021.

Herberts Best XI / VA / Super Flu & Angelov – ErQ


One thing is certain.. Herbert activated the fast forward function! Andhim can use the <SLIP FEED/RELEASE>-button from the keyboard with their track “Better Days” to manually activate the form feed for the party papers. They can only execute this function through entering the value of the amount of vinyl.

Super Flu and Angelov on the other hand use the manual backward-function. The <SLIP BACK FEED/RELEASE>-button in their track “ErQ” can be used for the volume regulation module. Apsara also activates the manual backward-function through entering the value of their track “Simply Red” and then push the <SLIP BACK FEED/RELEASE>-button.

Zoo Braszil can print the world if he combines his track “Step By Step” with the manual or automatic spec sheet print function. If all the tracks are programmed in the registration, an error will occur.

Are you looking for answers? Herbert yet again makes sure you can find the answers you are looking for in the speed of light.


There is great excitement in the kingdom of Monaberry. Hordes of Vulcans have invaded the human territory, and Grandpa Herbert needs a vast amount of ore to forge enough chocolate marshmallows to enable his army to withstand this threat. Anyone who does not obey the law is sent to the huge penal colony of Khorinis in these dark times to mine the ore needed.

The entire area known as „The Colony“ is surrounded by a magical boundary; an area with a diameter of two kilometres, which completely seals the penal colony from the rest of the world. The border can be crossed from outside to inside, but once inside you can never escape again. The border became a double-edged sword however, because the prisoners saw an opportunity for revolt. The colony was now divided into four groups, and the king was forced to make a trade for his ore, rather than simply claim it. Each group sent its best artist and was forced to present the king the most important piece of music. For the blue group came Super Flu and brought Trombarossa. From the pink group Viktor Talking Machine was sent and presented Lars. Bar.ba came from the black group and served Rain. The green group sent Dorian Craft and Baron, and were the last to arrive with Azur.

You are thrown across the border in the middle of this prison. You will have your back to the wall, you will have to try to survive and form volatile alliances until you can escape at the end. And only these 4 tracks can help you.

Super Flu – Effretikon

Fanlink: LINK

Part 2 of Hyenah’s fantastic Watergate 27 mix is ripe for the picking.The inspiring DJ/producer, RISE founder and integral Watergate resident has carefully selected andcurated a vibrant house mix that touches all corners of the genre and refreshingly showcases artistsoutside the normal European hotspots.The second sampler opens with Super Flu’s ‘Effreticon’, a track with the right amount of energy andtweaked-out synth touches to keep your listeners guessing. Pablo Fierro shares his ‘Reincarnation’, filledto the brim with tropical flavours. Floyd Lavine features again, following up his collaboration with Hyenahon the first V.A sampler. This time the Cape Town-born, Berlin-based artist has re-worked KerriChandler’s ‘Think of Something’ into a tribal monster, after the original first featured on WatergateRecords back in 2014. Lyon artist and former RISE guest Manoo’s ‘De’s Lullaby’ is awash in a river ofsilky synths and uplifting rhythms.FNX Omar, from Morocco, provides a terrific and trippy after-hours gem with ‘Minuit’. The pairing ofLemon & Herb is from the Kwazulu Natal Province in South Africa and have crafted a transcendentalhouse cut that makes them one to watch. AMEME is another new face. While now residing in Brooklyn,NYC, he was born in Benin, a country neighbouring Nigeria and his first release on WG is a rousing Afrohouse piece that’s bang on-point.