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LNOE / Sasha, Super Flu - Astra

Last Night on Earth label head Sasha is proving to be as innovative as ever in the studio of late. The globally<br /> renowned producer and game-changing DJ continues exploring rich new musical ground while retaining his signature<br /> sense of melody, drama, and energy. He has also made his label an outlet renowned for its quality output and backs<br /> that up here with a new collaboration alongside Feliks Thielemann & Mathias Schwarz, better known as Super Flu.<br /> The German pair has a sound that knows no bounds and breaks all rules. They tinker with music-making gear, draw<br /> from diverse musical influences and are underground mainstays with an enviable discography on numerous key<br /> labels.


RITTER BUTZKE / Super Flu - Lovesong

Imagine the electronic music scene without Super Flu - just ``Flu``? Doesn't quite have the same ring to it, does it? That's why we're ecstatic they're around. We're thrilled to welcome their latest release, ``Lovesong`` to our label, Ritter Butzke Records. Super Flu has woven a sonic tapestry, blending enchanting melodies and organic sounds that whisk the listener into a realm of euphoric bliss. Anchored by a commanding vocals, the track's lovely ambiance is further enriched by captivating vocals, beckoning you to surrender to its spell.


DIDSCHN / Super Flu x Ivan Masa - It’s A House Day

``Its A House Day`` is a thought-provoking journey into the realm of memory, imagination, and the stories that define us. It prompts viewers to contemplate the significance of the experiences and dreams that live within their own minds, suggesting that our inner worlds are just as rich and complex as the external reality we navigate. The story invites us to embrace the enchanting mysteries of our own imaginations and memories, recognizing that within them lies a house of endless wonder and possibility.


DIDSCHN / Super Flu x Mar+Mer - AMA

Super Flu and Mar+Mer stepped back into the world, carrying the tales of AMA's House within them. As they walked away, the door creaked shut behind them, and the mysterious dwelling seemed to meld seamlessly with the fabric of the town.


MONABERRY / Dancing on Lego x Super Flu - Dear Friend

THERE'S NOTHING MORE POWERFUL THAN A MONABERRY WHOSE TIME HAS COME.<br /> A few years ago there weren't very many Monaberry enthusiasts.


DIDSCHN / Super Flu - Tool Time

``Tool Time`` serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of seeking perfection and control at the expense of authenticity. It prompts viewers to contemplate the value of both the good and bad experiences that shape their lives and the consequences of tampering with one's own past. Ultimately, it suggests that it is our imperfections and struggles that make us truly human.


DIDSCHN / Dancing on Lego ft. Super Flu - All Good Alright

All Good Allright tackles the theme of reality versus perception in a society where technology blurs the line between the two. It explores how the pursuit of beauty and escapism can sometimes blind people to harsh truths. The story reflects on the importance of authenticity and the potential dangers of relying solely on filtered experiences. This episode prompts viewers to question their own perceptions and consider the price of an artificially enhanced reality.


Azzecca - Mantra (Super Flu Extended Remix)


DIDSCHN / Super Flu – Udi

``Udi`` explores the theme of validation and self-worth in a world filled with noise and distractions. It delves into the consequences of seeking external validation at the expense of one's own authenticity. The story serves as a cautionary tale, reminding us that genuine connection and self-expression can only be found by embracing our own voice and being true to ourselves.


Super Flu Sample Pack

This pack features a wide range of Super Flu’s go to sounds from their analog synths. On top you get a massive library of scrapyard field recordings produced as loops and one-shots. A toolkit loaded with organic sounds and analog warmth! “This is basically our complete sound collection” - Super Flu


Pablo Fierro, Lazarusman, Hyenah – The Balance (Super Flu RMX)


REALM Records / WE YOU / TRACK 51


Prismode & Solvane – Changes (Super Flu Remix) `{`Ritter Butzke Records`}`

After Prismode & Solvane's successful release ``Changes``, we decided that this track is worth having some reinterpretations from highly valued artists from our community.</p> <p>The duo Super Flu transforms ``Changes`` into a straightforward yet vigorous club version. Their interpretation combines a deep baseline with playful vocals and synths. Rising arps and a trancy pad support this blissful mixture of pathos, beat and melody.


Inamo – La Llama feat. Niña indigo (Super Flu Remix) `{`trueColors`}`

trueColors is a deep and melodic record label that releases organic house with enchanting melodies and its new release features an original track by imprint favorite Inámo. Alongside Inámo’s original, the seven-track release also includes remixes by Super Flu, Vander and Sasha Carassi, plus three alternative versions produced by Inámo himself.</p> <p>Super Flu also provide a remix in the melodic style they have championed via their own record label Monaberry, plus other highly respected imprints such as Crosstown Rebels, Stil Vor Talent and Embassy One. They adds their own melody synth and they switch up the groove with their own percussive rhythms to transform the track into a quirky and funky slice of melodic house.


Super Flühwein / Oper Halle / 23.12.2022 / 19 Uhr

Am Weihnachtsvorabend servieren wir Glühwein und elektronische Musik auf dem Opernvorplatz in Halle (Saale). Der gesamte Erlös geht an das Kinderkreativzentrum Krokoseum. Bringt bitte Tassen mit.


Motip White – Long Shadow (Super Flu Remix) `{`When We Dip XYZ`}`

Motip White continued to chart his own course on his return to XYZ with the Long Shadow EP earlier this year. The Cologne-based producer has never settled for the predictable norm, working his way through projects from all corners of the musical landscape on his eclectic journey. With releases on the likes of Innervisions and Correspondant, Motip's productions drip in analog tones and bespoke indie-punk influence.</p> <p>Continuing the journey of Long Shadow, we welcomes two riveting remixers to take the reins on Motip's original material.</p> <p>Super Flu need no introduction, as this pair of melodic maestro's is one of the most influential acts in our modern scene. Whether as founders of the illustrious Monaberry, or through their releases with the likes of Stil Vor Talent and Disco Halal, its an honor to welcome Super Flu for their XYZ debut. They twist the title track Long Shadow into a low slung bomb, retaining Motip's jaw dropping vocal chops and the main heaving hook. Super Flu add a linear edge, shifting deep into club territory with defiant dance floor moments on offer.


Oxia, Nicolas Masseyeff – Connivence (Super Flu Remix)

The Super Flu Remix is then more driven, with a powerful kick adding the energy down low, as crisp hits and edgy melodies unfold in the space above. They cast a magic late night spell over the dance floor.


Monaberry 084 / Gargamel EP

Here's what you get when you spend your money for a Super Flu release on Monaberry.<br /> We're proud of the way we make releases. By the time we're through putting together an EP, 190 hands have inspected and handled the tracks. Any one of those hands can reject the songs if they're not up to Monaberry quality. Keep that in mind as you hear the following music.


Monaberry 083 / All Da Ravers EP with Viktor Talking Machine

Over 9.000.000 people will sink their hard-earned money into new music this year. If you're one of them, you may soon find your money sinking beyond reach. Since the average DJ gets rid of his music after 32 days, your Monaberry release will probably survive just long enough to become a number one hit for 2 years. So if you always seem to be running out of money, maybe it's because you're always running out of Monaberry releases.


AEYEM, Lakyn – Reach the Water (Super Flu Remix)




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